Development Ability

At KIPS Preschool we work on these five skill development areas:

  • Gross Motor Skill Development
  • Fine Motor Skill Development
  • Speech and Language Development
  • Cognitive Development child's
  • Social and Emotional Development

Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skill is the ability where children use their large muscle. In this particular skill we perform the following:

  • Throwing a ball,
  • Catching a ball,
  • Hopping, climbing and skipping,
  • Riding a tricycle,
  • Doing different adventurous activities but under our supervised staff.

Fine Motor Skills

A fine Motor skill is the ability where your children mostly use their hands and fingers. Some of the activities that we do in this particular skill development methodology include:

  • Holding a crayon for better hands grip,
  • Buttoning, zipping and unzipping the clothes,
  • Pouring liquid from a pitcher into a cup,
  • Pegging and much more.

Speech and Language Skills

Speech and language skills are the ability where your children increase his/her understanding and communication skills. In this skill development your child will learn the following:

  • Your child will frequently ask you “Why”.
  • He/she will learn storytelling.
  • He/she want to know the reason for everything.
  • He/she will listen to different things that are interesting.
  • Different activities will increase the vocabulary of your child and he/she will try to use the vocabulary in day to day life.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills is all about learning and solving the problems. This skill development will help your child learn new things and concepts like:

  • You child will learn to answer different questions.
  • He/she will learn new shapes and colour names.
  • He/she will able to tell a story with the beginning, middle and an end.
  • He/she will be given a concept of right and wrong.
  • Will have a better concept of present, past and future.

Social and Emotional Skills

Social and emotional skills help your child learn how to interact with others. In our social and emotional skills development methodology your child will learn the following:

  • He/she will learn sharing.
  • He/she will learn to follow rules whether it is during the games or in day to day life.
  • He/she will learn to believe in himself/herself.
  • Your child will start interacting with people and will approach them to play with them.