Experience develops conceptual clarity

Pre-school years are the years when the child is having his/her first interaction with the education world. As pre-school service providers, it is our duty to provide a fun and safe environment to children where they can easily express themselves and can make new friends. We provide them an environment where they can feel like home and can spend half of their day without their parents.

While hiring our staff or while giving them training, we assure that our teachers have these qualities:

Personal Traits:

At KIPS Pre-School, our teachers’ possesses the following personal traits:

  • They are patient.
  • They have well-developed imagination.
  • They are creative.
  • They are flexible while creating the lessons.
  • They are enthusiastic to teach young children.
  • They know how to create a warm, welcoming and loving environment for the children where they can feel like home.

Educational Background:

At KIPS Pre-School, the educational background of our pre-school teacher’s matters a lot. Though the education varies a lot but we assure that:

  • Our teacher’s must have at least Bachelor’s degree.
  • They must have degree in either psychology or education or childhood development or curriculum or classroom management.
  • They are well versed with pre-school training.

Classroom Management:

Managing a class where there are small kids with different backgrounds and mentality can be challenging. It is the duty of a teacher that she can easily manage the class and can control the children without scaring them. At KIPS Pre-School our teachers know:

  • How to gain respect without scaring the kids,
  • How to be an authority figure while staying friendly and co-operative,
  • How to maintain the environment of the class while keeping everything fun and educational,
  • How to make a welcoming and engaging environment where children can enjoy along with learning,


At KIPS Pre-School, we believe that experience with young kids is the key through which one can become a good pre-school teacher. There is no doubt that teachers who are grown up with young siblings, have kids or have raised children can perform better as compared to the ones who don’t have any interaction with kids. We assure that our teachers:

  • Have experience with the kids
  • Are given proper training as an assistant before they are handed over the kids
  • Perform well during their probation period
  • Have the ability to come up with activities and teaching methodologies that are interesting as well as educational.


At KIPS Pre-School, our teachers are:

  • Dedicated towards their work.
  • They believe in what they do.
  • They care about the progress and wellbeing of the children of their class.
  • They are always encouraging their kids.

A bad experience can effect a child very badly, so at KIPS Pre-School, we believe that we teach our kids in a way that education become fun for them. And our teachers play a vital role in achieving it. They provide an environment where kids love to have fun while learning.