We Pursue the Dreams

Confidence is a prerequisite to pursue dreams, believing in one’s own talent paving a unique path for the highest potential and laying a foundation on which learners’ happiness grows. The roots of self confidence are cultivated through early experiences which extend trust to the kids and they demonstrate themselves in reflective and conversational presentation in general and pictorial assemblies in particular. Having immense awareness of fostering confidence in kids, we support kids with mindfulness and specific consideration. Little KIPSians learn “Can Do” approach, perseverance and the pride in their innate abilities and the capability to redefine their failure in the belief that eventually one can achieve through persistence.

Montessori Exercises

In the advanced Montessori paraphernalia a well-equipped activity area proposes adeptness both in E.P.L and Sensorial exposures. A proficient teaching staff executes prescribed features to enhance:

  • Hand & eye coordination
  • Mastering grass and fine Moto muscles
  • Accomplishing mechanism in response to external stimuli
  • Acquisition of essential skills for writing

Exclusive Features

Early experiences play a vital role in the establishment of healthy attributes, positive thinking and productive responses. Acknowledging how a teacher feels about each child is the first step towards children feeling being valued, understood and affirmed to be much more resilient in later life. Pre-School pedagogy is an exquisite instructional design which implicitly achieves the desired academic and grooming outcomes.

Exquisite Pre-Writing Sessions

The otherwise taxing drills in writing at an early age are introduced gradually ensuring the preliminary maturity of fine motor muscles through Montessori exercises. The preparatory play group session motivates the instinctive impulse for early writing initiating with scribbling and directed patterns. Montessori exercises are offered as a rich resource to help kids write. Print writing precedes cursive patterns at advance level.

“Grooming” - The Fundamental Essence

The finest attributes are served right from the beginning inducing civility, behavioral refinement, ceremonial delicacies, manners and courtesy gestures. Kids are helped realize the power of words, gestures and the appreciation of the courtesy and positivity. The grooming facets consist of table manners, hygiene, respecting elders, standard behaviors and finest etiquettes. The subtle refinement and intellectual development are exquisitely realized in positive transformation.

Intriguing Creativity Through Art

To inspire the imagination for innovative expression in kids, we introduce a variety of subtle artistic experiences at initial level. These avant-garde and artistically inclined channels stimulate the best impulses of creativity, innovation and artistic perception. The originality of genuine expressions are accentuated through the medium of scribbling, freehand drawing, painting and other artistic ways, which suggest little kids explore their distinctive colour of individuality on the canvas of life.

Story Telling

Prolific sessions of storytelling fascinate imagination for the cultivation of high-yielding communicative skills. These animated and interactive sittings introduce functional approach in language for the development of adequate vocabulary and spontaneous expressions. It helps stimulate originality, promotes attentive listening and reinforces standard accent. All extensive reading resources, library visits and visual aids are inclusive.

Activities are a fundamental feature well-integrated and vivaciously implemented in the regular academic schedule. The first hand knowledge and experience develop conceptual clarity and reinforces the perspectives related to the basic Montessori themes. These activities also include the celebration of significant national events. Kids grow well-informed of the specific objectives and celebrating protocol of a particular phenomenon.

Multi-media Presentations and Lab Exposure

To keep abreast of fast pace technology, we give practical exposures of computer lab and multi-media presentations at an early age to enhance pragmatic approach in kids making them technically more skillful and resourceful.

Vigilant Health Program

A healthy body flourishes a healthy mind. KIPS Pre-School offers frequent meticulous health visits, to keep a check on good health. Polio drops, vaccinations or any other initial medication is regulated with the consent of parents ensuring their trust that the child is in safe hands. Even at an early stage, little kids get familiar with the reasons and the precautionary measures to keep away from prevalent epidemics.

Parent-Teacher Interactions

Believing that education and grooming are a triangular process in which parental cooperation is integral for the educational, social and psychological development of the kids. The social interactions not only serve the educational and emotional perspectives, but also facilitate parents with the academic elaboration and their mandatory contribution in it.